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Working Towards Positive Transformation In The Workplace

Our organization was founded upon the simple concept a company's employees are its most important assets: satisfaction in the workplace is key, not only to the success of employees, but also to the success of an organization as a whole, that happy employees are more productive employees.

Our vision is for employees to be happy both in their jobs and in their lives outside of work. Our work is focused upon helping employees to become aware of their spiritual potential and of the power of the divine to positively transform their spiritual and physical well-being at work and elsewhere.

In the process of working towards this goal with individual workers, the workplace itself is transformed into a better place to work, stress and conflict are reduced and the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health of all the workers at a site improves.

Located in West Hartford, Connecticut, Business & Industrial Chaplains™ is the only secular, non-denominational Workplace-focused Chaplaincy in Connecticut and one of a handful in the New England area.

We offer confidential counseling, resource referrals, social action programming and personal fellowship. Quietly working behind the scenes, we're there for employees when they need support, lending a listening ear and a helping hand, assisting in resolving problems and issues, and improving morale and motivation.

We serve companies of all types in a variety of industries, large and small, with just a few employees or several thousand, in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and eastern New York.

There are no fees for our services: support for each chaplain's activities is provided by their affiliated faith community. Our programs are open to all workers, regardless of their religious, ethnic or cultural backgrounds. In keeping with Federal and State employment law, none of our chaplains proselytize or otherwise impose their own religious beliefs on workers.

We believe the time is ripe for companies in New England to add the Workplace Chaplain, a proven, effective resource for improving employee stability, productivity and morale, to the range of Employee Assistance and Benefit choices offered to employees.
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